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Online Order
Terms & Conditions:
  • Both Regular Set and Seafood BBQ Set include Charcoal, and Food
  • Over 10 people, Free Fai Kee Tou Fu Fa for each person (For ordering online, 2 people or above can also enjoy this special offer!)
  • Over 50 people, Free Five Flower Tea or Chrysanthemum Tea or Cold Tea for each person
  • The entire place can accomodate 150-200 people
  • Tel: 5108 3399 (WhatsApp) / 2982 2384 (Mr. Wong)
  • Bank Account No. :
    HSBC : 161-3-010444
    Postal Savings Bank of China : 6217995840047329958
  • If over 5 people (for Regular Set) or any number of people (for Seafood Set), require to book 3 days in advance, and deposit half of the fees in advance into the above bank account no., and keep the receipt as a proof.
  • Must show deposit slip upon arrival except for online transfer, otherwise said deposit cannot be used.
  • Drinks / beer / wine / liquor must be purchased from our shop.
  • Beach umbrella provided for free (can be used for sunlight or rain). Under heavy rain condition, we will try our best to provide partially or fully roofed BBQ area, but booking cannot be changed and payment cannot be refunded. Under Typhoon No.3 or above or Black Rain Signal, customer can request for refund or change of booking date to any date within 2 weeks after the original booking date.

B1 B2 (7-8 People/Pit)
B1+B2 (16-18 People)

A1+A2+A3 (20-30 People)
A1+A2 (14 People)
A3 (7-8 People)

1 2 3 4 (7-8 People/Pit)
1+2 (16-18 People)

A4 A5 (12 People/Pit)
A4+A5 (24-26 People)

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